Product designer who loves design systems

I’m based in 📍Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Currently, designing user-centric product for IT administrators at FileWave.

I have been working for around 4 years in the design industry in various multidisciplinary product teams. I have a background in software development which helps me to understand technical limitations and take into consideration technical aspects in the early phase of the design process. I’m very interested in bridging gaps between design and engineering.

Co-founded Adriatic Valley tech community.

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Others about me

"Marko is a focused and smart communicator. He actively contributes feedback during team meetings and proactively shares honest and respectful feedback transparently. He has a talent to focus on the essentials and delights teams and their discussions with specific domain knowledge. He is a good listener and takes others opinions into serious consideration when making his decisions. He is very supportive and actively connects with domain experts and project peers."

- UX Manager

"His dedication to his work, his curiosity and his desire to learn even the things that are not in his job description."

- Software Engineer

"Marko is a very friendly and open-minded person. He is also open to any feedback."

- Software Engineer

"He is basically the "goto man" for everything UX and UI related when it comes to our core product."

- Product Owner

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If you have any questions or you want to see more information about projects, feel free to reach out to me.

About the website

The website is designed and developed by myself. It's designed in Figma and built using React & Next.js.
Blog posts and case studies are written in MDX. The project is deployed with Vercel.

For more information on how I designed and developed the website, read my blog post.